Welcome to OBS GmbH – the company as a guarantee of high speeds and maximum ride comfort

The OBS GmbH is a medium-sized company with headquarters in the state capital Magdeburg and a branch in Halle (Saale).

Our company offers services in the field of rail welding, the welding and grinding technical work-up on the rail, the production of insulating joints, as well as the construction management in the production of the gapless track in central Germany and throughout the Federal Republic.

Our large number of welding teams with extensive, well-founded experience in all areas of track superstructure welding make us one of the top performing companies in the industry.

We have in-depth experience in all areas of surface welding.
Reliability, flexibility and modern machine equipment are our guarantee for a sustainable connection.

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Perfectly joined

For us as a service provider, seamless collaboration between the customer, suppliers and employees is an absolute priority, and we place a constant focus on high-quality and punctual services.

Our portfolio

Tested and certified

It goes without saying that we have all of the required approvals and certificates and keep them up-to-date at all times – just like our mechanical equipment. These certifications include a specialization in the welding of rail materials and track superstructures in accordance with the DB AG Verification of Suitability, which is based on Directive 826.1020, for a class 1 scope of applicability.

Taking advantage of opportunities

We confront the requirements of the industry, which is characterized by intense competition, on a daily basis. Despite competitive pressures and price wars, we always make sure that our employees are working in fair conditions.

We are constantly looking for willing and qualified employees who want to strengthen and become part of our flexible and communicative team.

At our Magdeburg and Halle locations, we are looking to fill the following positions:


  • selbständige Ausführung von Schienenverbindungs- und Auftragsschweißungen


  • abgeschlossene Berufsausbildung
  • aktuelle Qualifikation als Oberbau-Schweißer (vorteilhaft, nicht Bedingung)
  • Führerschein Klasse CE oder B
  • Gewissenhaftigkeit und Verantwortung
  • Kenntnisse in Deutsch in Wort und Schrift
  • Bereitschaft, im Team zu arbeiten
  • Bereitschaft zu Wochenend- und Schichtarbeit


  • eine stabile Beschäftigung im Rahmen eines Arbeitsvertrages
  • die Möglichkeit zur beruflichen Weiterentwicklung, Teilnahme an Kursen und Schulungen
  • leistungsgerechte Bezahlung



  • Bauleitung bei der Ausführung von Schweißarbeiten und Herstellung des lückenlosen Gleises


  • aktuelle Qualifikation als Schweißmeister OS/FBL
  • Führerschein Klasse B
  • Gewissenhaftigkeit  und Verantwortung
  • Kenntnisse in Deutsch in Wort und Schrift
  • Bereitschaft zu Wochenend- und Schichtarbeit


  • einen sicheren Arbeitsplatz
  • Teilnahme an Kursen und Schulungen
  • eine attraktive Entlohnung
  • Firmen-PKW


You would like to apply directly?

    Just use our online submission form to submit your application or send an email to info@obs-md.de.

    You can also get in touch with us by telephone at our Magdeburg location at +49 (0)391 59815-0.

    For us, welding quality is no cliché but, rather, our benchmark for safety and reliability in rail transport.

    Firmensitz in Magdeburg